Can You Convert a Standard Washing Machine Into a Portable Machine By Using The Connection Hose From a Portable Machine

Washing machines made with the highest endpoint technology. The mechanism used in the manufacturing the machine are not compatible with the compact models. Many brands make different washers made from the Standard washing machines.

Many people in the past have tried to build one from the standard but failed to do so because the parts used in the standard one are not compatible with the compact models. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get a compact model for your basic usage.

Let’s assume for a minute that you have a requirement of a best portable washing machine, which should be carryable and small at the same time. There are many brands in the market, who have been competing to provide the best W.M for the consumers, who don’t have enough time move it to one place to another.

Portable Washing Machine

The Best Portable Washing Machine

Sansui – WMSS60AS-CMA

Sansui has been into the market for a very long time, and they have been providing different types of electronics products to the consumers. As of now, Sansui has launched WMSS60AS-CMA model which is not only Portable but also has many features, which makes it more efficient to wash your clothes. Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA is semi-automatic top load W.M, which has the spin speed of 1400RPM. The motor powered with 390 Watts. The top loader has the capacity of 6KG.

Panasonic – NA-W65B2RRB

Panasonic is one of the major brands in the electronics industry. Panasonic has semi-automatic top load machine, which has the ability of 6.5KG and with the 400 Watts power load. The motor has the power which can take on your clothes to a smooth wash with the spin speed of 1400RPM. The machine comes with two years of warranty by Panasonic.

Panasonic - NA-W65B2RRB

Intex 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (WMS62TL)

Intex is growing every day, and they have launched a budget washing machine which is semi-automatic and the top load machine has the power of 320 Watts. The capacity of the machine is 6.2KG with the max spin speed of 1350RPM. The Intex WMS62TL has wheel support and any filter support, which makes the machine efficient from the price point.

Hyundai 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (HYS72F)

Hyundai is one of the major companies which has started to manufacture the washing machines, like HYS72F. The model is semi-automatic with Top load functionalities. The power of the motor which comes with the W.M is 350 Watts. The capacity of the W.M 7.2KG and it has the spin speed of 1350RPM. The trust of Hyundai, which gives you two years of warranty on the product.

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only  (WS65WLP2BG)

Onida has disappeared from the market from past few years due to the market competition, but they have not given up. India has launched washer machine only, which is powered by 270 Watts motor with the spin speed of 780RPM. The model comes with two wash programs only, which is enough for bachelors or small family. The capacity of the washing machine is 6.5KG which comes with one year of manufacturer warranty.


Here are the most compact models of W.M which you can get your hands on but make no mistake about it that you can use these washing machines for basic purposes. If you have any suggestions or opinions to share, you can do that in the comment section below.