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permit’s be honest: the great a part of a birthday is the cake, replete with smooth icing, sprinkles, and the works. so whilst the folks at the back of duff’s cakemix in l. a. were given a group of youngsters to come up with their dream cakes and brought them to existence, there were a lot of very excited youngsters reachable. we spoke to courtney frederiksen, the supervisor at duff’s cakemix, approximately a way to set your self up for home made birthday cake achievement. check out her hints beneath, and watch her and the duff’s cakemix team bring the children’ dream desserts to lifestyles:
stay with round desserts
“i constantly try to do round desserts,” frederiksen says. despite the fact that she does most of her cake decorating work with fondant, she says round cakes are also simpler to beautify in case you’re working with buttercream frosting. “it’s plenty tougher to cowl a cake with edges and corners than it’s far to cover a round cake.” spherical cakes also are less complicated to bake, considering there are no awkward corners to coax out of the cake pan. line the lowest of your pans with parchment paper earlier than pouring in the batter for perfect, stick-unfastened desserts.
hit up the hardware keep
any professional kitchen can have a steel bench scraper round—it is the capture-all device for flawlessly clean frosted cake edges and flippantly reduce dough, plus you could use it to scrape any stuck bits off your countertop. if you don’t have one at home, frederiksen shows skipping the $10 charge tag. instead, head to your local hardware store for a $1 spackler, which you could use to easy the rims for your cake for a fraction of the cost.
make diy confetti cake
positive, you need your cake to look properly, but you want it to flavor great, too. frederiksen says the most popular duff’s cakemix taste through a long way is (marvel!) the confetti cake with sprinkles. you could make your very own model of confetti cake at home by way of blending mini chocolate chips or sprinkles into your batter. simply ensure your mix-ins are small—larger pieces can sink down to the bottom of the cake pan in preference to dispersing thru the batter.
freeze your cake
after your cake is baked and earlier than you start frosting and redecorating, use this trick for crumb-free frosting: stick it within the freezer. “this traps the crumbs into the cake,” says frederiksen, who loves to bake her cakes on one day and freeze them in a single day. then, she decorates tomorrow. wrap every cake layer separately in plastic wrap and stick them in the freezer for at the least five hours or in a single day, then start frosting while they’re nevertheless bloodless. frederiksen points out for a perfectly easy cake you’ll probable still need to apply a crumb coat—a base layer of frosting that seals in any greater stray crumbs—before making use of the top layer of frosting.
in case you’re using shop-sold frosting, try this first
in case you want to apply a canned buttercream from the grocery shop in preference to making your personal frosting, frederiksen says to dump the contents of the can right into a mixer and whip it up for a few minutes. it’ll emerge as less difficult to unfold on your cake, and will also double in length.
use fruit as a topping, no longer a taste
you may upload a few chunked or puréed fruit in your cake batter as a mix-in, but the wet fruit can danger your cake getting a little soggier. alternatively, frederiksen likes to unfold a cake layer with frosting, then a layer of fruit like sliced strawberries.
allow the children assist
choose small, potential duties that the youngsters can do with minimal mess. instead of purchasing coloured sugar for decorating, let them coloration their personal sugar. it’s as easy as placing white sugar in a plastic bag with a drop of liquid or gel meals coloring. seal up the bag (tightly!) and allow the youngsters squish up the sugar between their hands and paintings the food coloring all the manner thru. let them help you mix a batch of buttercream frosting, or ask them to carefully keep a piping bag even as you fill it with frosting. the point is to discover tasks that make children feel worried whilst not developing extra cleanup duty for you later.
assume past sprinkles
we’re going to forever love an awesome frosting-and-sprinkles cake, however some of the maximum innovative cake decorations and toppers are hiding in the sweet aisle, no longer the baking phase. in case you’re making a themed cake, large candies can serve as fit to be eaten props. decorate with gummy fish for an beneath-the-sea subject, or take blue frosting and apple or peach ring “pool tubes” for an immediately pool birthday party cake. or forgo the candies and analyze multiple icing piping techniques to use with distinct colours of frosting you may dye yourself. (in case you’re dyeing your own frosting, frederiksen suggests the use of less food coloring than you observed you will want and steadily build color.)